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Professional website for children’s book author, Vladimir Sainte. The site backend includes a content management system based on Netlify CMS, which lets the owner maintain a blog, post events, and share photos.
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Project Overview

Vladimir Sainte is a children's book author in Kansas City that writes fantastic stories about diversity and mental health in a way that's relatable for kids. Vladimir just completed a second book and was looking to revamp his existing website and refine his branding to elevate his professional presence.

Creating an Iconic Logo

Starting with the logo, I borrowed inspiration from a hand-signed illustration that Vladimir includes in each of his books. I created a vector representation and spent time refining each of the letterforms for consistency and legibility. This ensures that the logo reads well on digital platforms as well as on other media. The result was something personal and distinct for Vladimir's brand.

Designing for Superheroes

I designed a landing page utilizing images from Vladimir's new book as a central focus. I included support elements such as paper texture backgrounds and borders that resemble comic book panels to unify the theme. The page is built with Gatsby, which is great for speed and easy hosting solutions.

Going Custom

For this website build, I created a custom thumbnail image viewer and a testimonial/image carousel to show off Vladimir's work. These components made more efficient use of space, while still providing great depth of information and adding a fun touch of interaction to the site.

Building a Blog

I built a custom blog page connected to Netlify CMS, so Vladimir could keep his audience updated with event notifications and mental health tips. Once Vladimir creates a post, it's automatically saved to the website's Github code repository, which triggers a new website build and deploy cycle.

Extending the Message

To finish up the project, I created a custom business card for Vladimir that incorporates design elements from his website and books. I also designed bookmarks in collaboration with Vladimir to provide a fun marketing resource that he can share at speaking events and book fairs.

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