Rexford Knives

Collaborative project for a major custom knife manufacturer, Rexford Knives. The website features product galleries, event listings, and mobile responsive tables, to give the company full control over displaying their work.
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A New Look for a Manufacturing Powerhouse

Project Overview

This project was a collaboration between fellow developer Tyson Comer and I to revamp the digital presence for Rexford Knives. The company already had an established brand, but their old website was looking a bit dated and had some challenges with mobile responsiveness.

Refreshing the View

With the goal of mobile optimization in mind, we built several gallery pages that showcase the owner's product photography. Each page resizes responsively based on the user's screen size without needing to excessively rewrite the code base.

Keeping Track of History

The company owner also needed a way to display manufacturing information to serve as a source of documentation of product quality and authenticity. We solved this challenge by creating a manufacturing history table that can be updated each time a new product launches.

Crafting a Responsive Table

Building data tables that display well on mobile phones can be a challenge, due to limited screen space, and a horizontal data layout that's most commonly used. I solved this challenge by implementing a mobile table pattern that lets the user scroll horizontally without breaking the rest of the design.

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